I have picked my face raw
the mini buttercream cupcakes are starting to set
I'm hungover on my knees unplugging a printer
in front of the whole goddamn office
as I screw in light bulbs
I hate the person who came up with the "how many ___ does it take
to screw in a light bulb"
it's hard to look professional
when you struggle inches away from another human being
at least at my desk I can curse and collect myself.
I love being brutally honest
but can only be on paper
I need the control that paper has
the old filipino artist-man and his dog chewy are at the park again
I'm too depressed to talk
I bum a cigarette and walk away
chewy gnaws roast beef
his dog is nice he says
as if we've never met
we met once
have seen them maybe zillion times
I prefer to be alone
put my finger on the outside of my lip
and contemplate the day

why did I sell everything I own
it didn't mean anything at the time
just things
there was that picture of the girl who's arm looked like a dick
I loved that picture