My Boring Spongy Organ

"I want to touch your boring spongy organ."

"why?" I say. "That's gross

"It's smooth and nice."

"How do you know?"

"Everyone has a smooth boring spongy organ at some point, you're in your prime."

"Stop thinking about smoothness. I wish I didn't have a smooth boring spongy organ. Stop staring!"

"It's just so beige."

"Put away your big eyes or I'll get out out my knife."

"Okay, but i'll exchange my eyes for something else."

(laughter) "what is that? It looks like a pink kaleidoscope!"

"Why don't you get closer and look at the shapes and colors?"

"Alright, those red dots are real pretty. I've never seen those before."

"Can I touch your boring spongy organ now?"

"Yes, if I can play with your kaleidoscope."

(motions yes and spongy organ girl gets closer)

It smells weird, I don't think I want to do this anymore."