The girl at the screen

There is a girl inside me

in my stomach

she is me.

She sits and stares at a screen

an old dusty comp from the nineties.

It has a black backdrop

and weird yellow writing.

I hide around the corner

in a small pink hallway

trying to get a peek

of that screen.

She does not look at me

only the screen.

I want to know what is on that screen!

It holds everything about me

I need to succeed

but my body is a place foreign to me

and poking around the corner,

this me is not ready.

The girl at screen is dignified

people probably take her seriously

(when not staring at a screen).

I imagine her to be one of those people we all see:

walking around tall drinking coffee.

walking about town

on their way somewhere

somewhere going

they always know where they are going

and what they are doing is important

important and dignified and caffeinated

more important

than what everyone else is doing.

They don't care to stare

at the shoes

of strangers

on a bus

they are very busy

time is very valuable

and they love coffee.